We feel lonely when we are not socializing with the people we want to. The feeling itself is uncomfortable and usually motivates us to seek company of people that are important to us. 

Right now, self-isolation and physical distancing have changed our relationships. Teenagers usually express a greater need for companionship than adults, so you might be feeling very strongly the need to stay in touch with your friends during these times. Surely the video calls, chats, social media and different apps can help you stay in touch with your friends. But many birthday parties, Guide and Scout meetings and other gatherings are being cancelled. Maybe you can think of something new. Are you good at drawing, writing songs, stories? Maybe you can create something to surprise your friend for her or his birthday, send a handwritten letter, an illustration or a goofy video... Get creative! 


Boredom is a type of frustration that a person experiences when he finds himself in a situation he perceives as unsatisfying. Situational boredom is a specific kind of boredom and we experience it when we are aware of our needs, but for some reason cannot leave the current situation we are in. 

It is important to realize that there is nothing wrong with us if we feel bored. We do not need to feel guilty, boredom can be an appropriate emotion in a given situation. However, when feeling bored we are challenged to find new responsibilities and activities. We can create or finish something that we have been putting off for some time now. Do we know anyone who can help us with this? 

Si morda želiš sooblikovati program za skavtinje in skavte?  Pokliči nas na 031 210 944 ali piši na info@skavti.si.


We feel anger when we evaluate that others are behaving inappropriately towards us. We perceive that their values are threatening our values. In its extreme intensity (we call this an affect) the anger turns into rage. The basic purpose of our anger is to send a message to the other person that we want them to change their behaviour. Maybe you felt angry when watching people not following the instructions given by the authorities to stay home and practice physical distancing?

Try to find a way to express your anger in a socially acceptable and constructive way.  When we get angry, our bodies are flooded with stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. Physical activity reduces the effects of stress hormones and at the same time the happiness hormones are released. That is why we feel much better and more relaxed after a good exercise. Do you have a chance to run or hike up the hill? You can also exercise at home. If nothing else, try burying your head in the pillow and screaming loudly. 


The feeling of despair is similar to depression. It is associated with the feelings of hopelessness and lack of motivation. Its main characteristic is loss of hope, when we no longer see the meaning and find no reason for joy and living. Our vision can become blurred and narrowed, we call this “the tunnel vision”. This means that we no longer see the possible solutions or the way out. If you are feeling this, please promise not to harm yourself in the next few moments and call for help now! 

Talking to the people we love and trust is the best thing we can afford at any given moment. They can always help us find reasons to live and enjoy!

What if this description doesn’t match your current distress?

Maybe you are experiencing sadness (depression)?
Or maybe anxiety?
Maybe you are under a lot of stress?
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What to do if you did not get suitable help for your current distress on this website?

You can contact your scout leader or anyone you trust to help you find a solution. You can write to us and we will find the best approach for your distress together: nisi.sam@skavt.net 

If your distress is very intense, and you have no one to contact, you can call Slovenian Scouting Commissioner: +386 51 364 251.

You can consult your personal physician as well.

Please seek further help on following numbers (Slovenian lines, but your country probably has similar lines too - search in the web):

112 / 911 - Urgent medical help

116 123 - Confidential Line "Samaritan"

116 111 - TOM Line for kids and youngsters

+386 1 520 99 00 - Mental distress line

+386 31 233 211 - Woman advisory and crisis centre (24h/day)

You can find useful information on the web as well. Just check that content creators are credible and trustworthy! https://www.tosemjaz.net/ ali https://www.e-tom.si/

And remember: you're not alone. Talk about your distress, because that's the only way you can get needed support and help!

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